Film and VFX


I worked as a 3D lighting/lookdev artist at Animatrix studio, where I had the opportunity to contribute to some remarkable projects. One of my responsibilities involved creating stunning underwater full CGI shots that immersed viewers in a mesmerizing aquatic environment. Additionally, I had the privilege of working on the look development for "The Force," a project that demanded exceptional attention to detail to bring its unique visual effects to life. Another memorable task was crafting a full CGI shot of a burning Earth, which required the careful manipulation of lighting and textures to create a powerful and realistic representation. Lastly, I had the opportunity to showcase my skills by working on a full CGI shot featuring windmills, where I ensured that every aspect of the scene conveyed a sense of authenticity and beauty.


I worked as a shading/lookdev/lighting artist on a fascinating commercial for a renowned car brand. My main responsibilities included creating the perfect shading for the cars, designing the layout of the cyberverse environment. It was an exciting opportunity for me to showcase my skills and contribute to the visual appeal of the commercial. The car shading was meticulously crafted to highlight the sleekness and sophistication of the brand, while the cyberverse environment layout was designed to create a captivating backdrop for the cars. Through my contributions in look development, I aimed to bring the commercial to life and create a visually stunning experience for the audience.

Panda Express

Lighting / rendering green vegetation and wok boxes.

OoRedoo - 5G

Was responsible for red suit lookdev/texturing, lighting/rendering bike and snail.

Lighting/rendering assets in the scene.


I had the opportunity to work as a lighting and rendering artist on an amazing video commercial at UPP. The project was filled with exciting challenges, such as creating a stunning honey and sugar cathedral and rendering and shading lifelike squirrels, bears, and icy clouds and hills. It was a pleasure to be part of a fantastic team at UPP, and together we managed to overcome these challenges. The experience was truly pleasing, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work on such a cool project.

Vanishing Waves mystical insect

Did shading/lighting and rendering of the mystical insect for movie Vanishing Waves -

Novus Aeterno game cinematic

Did shading of the assets, rendering shots, matte paint of the planet, final compositing.

Documentary VFX - Return to Earth

Did moss growth vfx, rendering and comp of the shots, 3d integration in the video footage.

Game cinematic - Tanki X

Was responsible for shading assets , rendering shots and vfx, compositing final shots.